The Misuse of Technology

Technology in our days is linked to practically everything we do and it has changed people’s lives in various ways. We use it at work such as the Internet and computers, we use it for personal matters and entertainment such as smart phones. But everyone should know how to benefit from technology and not misuse it during our daily lives.

Technology is not the new devil.  We have made mistakes with the use of technology we will need to avoid.

The problem has always been that technology gets used to replace understanding, knowing and our own – natural – abilities, overall it is used to compensate the lack of our higher spirituality levels as species. Pow! I said.

“The way to avoid this is to maintain our connection to nature instead of seeing ourselves as superior to it.  Using technology (and our energy) to serve everything and everyone on this planet and not trying to rise above the natural organic hologram.  This is the physical universe after all, and has a reason and purpose within all creation.  This is the level of the game you chose to play at here and now.

Too far too fast, is the common mistake.  Instead of developing natural abilities to their potential and then implementing technologies to assist in the more mundane but necessary processes, the tenancy of many races is to skip ahead in their development with technology”.  wrote The Ruiner

The Alice’s dilemma.

He continues … “Controlling races nurture this tendency and tempt it.  Often convincing races to accept technology as a form of gift, meant to make life easier or perceived as better.  The result of this gifting is more often than not a disconnect from the planet the beings live on.

It must be remembered that planets are beings.  They have their own hearts, dreams, hopes and wishes.  As races develop on planets they are assisted and shaped by the frequency of the planet.  Disconnecting from that, and allowing different frequencies to assist and shape the race, results in a mutation.  It allows beings to be deceived quite easily”.

“This is the case with our current version of humanity.

All allowing technology to surpass natural abilities and assist in keeping humans from discovering the potential our connection with Her truly holds.

Read : Listen to the Earth, listen to yourself. if you want to understand what I mean.

Attempts of this nature can be damaging but they are never permanent.  Earth will always bring us back to our full potential.

Earth’s frequency can heal the damages.  
Her love for all living things.

This requires participation, effort, on behalf of the beings living on her.

We must search out Her, and make the first steps to connecting with Her.

Earth requires trust”.

There is a place for technology in the lives of humanity but it needs to get connected with the Earth’s overall outlook and not to be a stand alone solution or toy.  

As a tool, technology do not do anything to threaten the society, it is the misuse of it that threatens society. It is humans that uses a technology that threatens society, the fault is at the user of the technology, not the technology itself.

In resume, IT is what IT is …