The world IS a GIANT Tide ad.

The world IS a GIANT Tide ad. Ok, you might be wondering … what? say that again …. The world is a GIANT Tide ad (PERIOD). Am I missing something here? What’s a tide ad anyway … Well, let me slow down a bit. Saatchi & Saatchi New York’s “It’s a Tide Ad” is a campaign for Super Bowl LII. … Read More

“Have A Cigar”

If you do not know by now, I will tell you… My favourite (yes, favourite with u, in the english way) rock band is Pink Floyd. According to the Urban Dictionary: Pink Floyd is perhaps one of the most original and talented bands ever. Their music commented on the social injustices of modern society and the atrocities of war in a way … Read More

“How To Rule”

If you pay attention to the world around you, you might be able to notice some patterns or  tactics or actions or you name it ! being used over and over to rule, just like a broken record it just repeats all over again, yet millions of people are still falling for them every day. Therefore, this post is dedicated to shed some lights on this subject. I have written before about “Divide … Read More

Question Everything … Why?

Because most of the times, asking questions is more important than finding the answers itself. The answers given might not be the right ones and only by keeping asking, you will be able to dig the truth out. “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Decouvertes  Therefore, here are a just three questions to help you to build the habit … If you know … Read More